Mandrini HK

Mandrini a pinze elastiche attacco HSK/63F

Mandrino HSK63 ER32

Mandrini HK


Mandrini a pinze elastiche attacco conico HSK/63F

Techanical Details:

• Extreme precision and reliability.

• Perfect tool centering.

• Defect-free rotation.

• Made from extremely high resistant steel.

• Precision grinding on all jointed parts.

• Extreme high rotation performance >= 15 HP – 20.000 RPM.

• For very efficient sizing on extreme unprecedented high feed speed.

• Excellent finishing quality on the workpiece and longer tool life.

• Sturdy design with reduced height to increase the work space between the machine and the piece.

• Safe and fast tool setup.

• Designed and tested in collaboration with the most renowned machining and CNC router construction centres.